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EmIly SucKzzzzzzzzzz hahhahahahah her daddys penis!!!!!
JaCk WhItE sucKs to. She is kiNda H0o0oo0o0T tho!! The sExiesT trAnsvEstite I haV Eva seEn. Hehehehehehhehe I wunNa maRri hiM and den KiLl hIm wHiLe he SleEps heheheh. HeY EmIly and MaDDy wUnna HaV aN oRgy!!???!?!?!?!?!?!!!!!!!11111ONE1111UNO11111
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look, ur really frickin' sick.
i'm sure jack won't let you go nearthat area of his body.
just wanted to say something on ur weird site.
umm yeah, just ignore them..but yeah..jack white is so friggin sexy!
You guys are really immature. I thought we were all past that kind of stuff when we got to the 3rd grade. I cant believe that you guys actually put energy in making these entries about Emily. What's the point? Nobody cares, you arnt changing anybodies mind about Emily, you're just making yourselves look like immature assholes. I hope you guys are satisfied with your doings. Good job. I give you a pat on the back. You have successfully made yourselves complete assholes. You have made people who dont even know you dislike you. Think about that. Don't you guys have anything better to do? Seriously. Give it up.
:) you're the best! i love you kailyn!