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I hate this day...

Everyone seems like they just cant get along, becuase America is so wrapped up in thier pride, that we don't even notice that we have just made the whole world hate us. Yesterday in History we were talking about 9-11. And how that the whole came around to sypathize with us. And when they ordered that all airplanes must land, most of them had to stop in Canada, because that was the closest airport. Most of the people who were stuck in Canada were there for at least a week. So the Canadian population welcomed the Americans, they gave them food, showers, and even clean clothes. After they could go. We never pubically thanked them, once. That really says somthing about us. We are so proud about this whole stupid "9-11" attacks that we couldnt even give a country a simple "thank you".

This kind of thing happins to Iraq, Russia and Afganastan every day. And they just have to live with it. But here..nooo we cant, becuase were Americans. I hate this day. Its just a symbol on how much of just a bunch of fat, pathetic little whiners we are. I mean, its so terrible that all those inncoent people died. [Oh my god, that seriously must be so horrible to go through.] But innocent Iraqies die every day because of us. Think of it, every American soldier killed, three more Iraqies die. That's terrible, that tell you how defensless they really are. Iraq had nothing to do with Osoma Bin Laden. Then we just bomb them becuase they might have nucular weapons..I'm sorry "weapons of mass destruction" becuase our beloved president can't even say nuclear.

Duckman: "why is the republican party there?"
Some man: "oh, they always follow where evil goes"
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